Harvest – Time

One of this generations biggest struggles is time. We hate waiting longer than anticipated, we avoid awkward silences and we cant stand when our time line is messed up. This is often what prevents people from being generous to others or giving to God.

If you’ve been in a church for a while you would have heard either a message or a few short thoughts on generosity and how God blesses those who are generous with their finances and all sorts of things! But the scary part isn’t the giving and it definitely isn’t the receiving of Gods blessing, its that time in between. The middle season of waiting. And its this middle season that can determine what your harvest produces.

In this middle season we find that our faith is either flexed or deflated. We either have BIG faith in a BIG God to do BIG things! Or we find that our faith is in a small god who seems incapable or unwilling to look after those He says He loves. And by the time God produces a harvest in our lives, whether quickly or not, we tend to get what we’ve had faith for. BIG miracles, BIG blessings or the alternative.

Lucky for us, the bible has plenty of people who were stuck in between the two seasons of giving & receiving, sowing & harvest. One of them involves a biblical hero named Elijah.

Read 1 Kings 17:8-16

There are a number of things i find fascinating about this story, and i want to share a few thoughts.

  1. You are not excluded from Gods call to be generous because of a large or small bank account. In fact many stories in the bible highlight those who had little and still gave as being great!

-(side point, we are not excluded from any of Gods calls because of any life situation. We’re all asked to make disciples, pray for the sick and live Godly lives even if we’re short on time, money, energy or knowledge)

2. Seed doesn’t GROW if its not SOWN… It can be a truck load, a handful or one, but it still wont reap a harvest unless its grown

-Sometimes we hold onto what we have because we’re scared if we give it away, we’ll run out quicker or lose it all. We would rather be comfortable & in control than uncomfortable & blessed by God.

3. The harvest still hasn’t come for this lady but she was being blessed by God. She is still in the middle season of waiting, yet God is providing all her needs & increasing her resources. This wasn’t the harvest, this wasn’t the final blessing, but it was God responding to someones faith & generosity.

2 Corinthians 9:10 says: “For God is the one who provides seed for the farmer and then bread to eat. [the same as He did for this lady, there was enough to give & enough to eat] In the same way, he will provide and increase your resources AND THEN produce a great harvest… “

God doesn’t just leave us in the middle waiting by ourselves, He is there with us the whole time & when we have faith in that He will provide and increase our resources BEFORE producing a great harvest!

Just because you might not have received your harvest or your miracle or your friend accepting Jesus into their life YET, doesn’t mean God isn’t there. God’s silence does not equate to Gods absence. He is in the middle season of waiting with you & He will not let you down, let you fail or let you run out while you’re there!

Your harvest, your miracle, your answered prayers are coming but lets not miss out on the blessings that God is giving us right now while we wait!

Food for thought:

  1. What are you sowing into/praying for? How is your faith for that while in the middle waiting season?
  2. Can you identify any providence from God while you wait?
  3. Share about one time in your life that you know God was present & one time you felt He was silent.
  4. What is your favourite biblical story that shows God was BIGGER & more CAPABLE than the obstacle in the way? Explain why this one stands out.
  5. How can you keep your faith in God strong or ‘flexed’ in this season so it doesn’t ‘deflate’?