Making Change: Treat Your Health Well – Part 2

Treat Your Health Well – Part 2

Eat well, move well, think well… live well.

While our bodies have an innate ability to heal and maintain health, as with all things that God has given us, He expects us to take the best care we can. As well as eating well (read Part 1 for more on that), our friend and Chiropractor at HealthGuard Wellness Dr Steve Osborne shares a couple more areas we can focus on to treat our health the best way.

2. Move Well

Maintaining good ranges of motion throughout the body is important, not only for joint and muscle health, but also for nervous system health. Research tells us that movement of the spine is necessary for the nutrition of the brain and spinal cord. Restriction anywhere through the spine can potentially impact on nervous system function, and not only result in low back pain and headaches, but poorer control of the body and our health. To keep the spine moving well and healthy is the key objective of Chiropractic – think of going to your chiropractor and getting your spine checked in the same way you would go to your dentist and have your teeth checked!

While we don’t all have to be marathon runners, regular movement and exercise (e.g. walking) helps to maintain good strength and movement to enable us to do the things we enjoy with friends and family, and help protect from injury. Exercising can also have definite benefits for depression and anxiety. At a minimum, all of us should be “job fit,” i.e. fit enough to prevent injury and to be fully capable of doing what needs to be done, safely and efficiently. If you enjoy “pumping iron” and keeping a level of fitness that is way above a job-fit standard’, go for it!

3. Think Well

How we think and feel has a very significant impact on our health. Our thoughts and emotions are constantly changing the balance of neurotransmitters (signalling molecules) in our bodies and modifying the function of the organs and tissues. Approaching life with a positive attitude creates a better balance in the neurotransmitters, and can actually improve our health. Conversely, having negative thoughts and a negative attitude impacts poorly on our health and can even lower the function of our immune system, for example, making us more susceptible to infections.

Regular breaks and holidays can be beneficial for resetting your thinking and give your body a rest from day-to-day stress and help us to refresh, refocus and stay on top of our responsibilities.

To pray and meditate on God and His word helps to also maintain a more God-centred perspective on everything that is happening in our world. Even with taking on His perspective, issues of life and living can still be challenging for us – how much more without it!

Living Well

To eat well, move well and think well helps us to then live well and achieve our God-given purpose for life. To find the purpose for which God has destined us to fulfil and then focus our energy and resources toward this, is the most meaningful and rewarding way to do life. Remember, at the end of our days, we won’t be remembered for the balance in our bank account or how many toys we collected, but how we have impacted and made a difference in the lives of those we encounter.

Need some encouragement on this topic? Watch this incredible message from our series “Running on Empty” on being faithful stewards with what we’re given.

by Dr Steve Osborne
HealthGuard Wellness

Dr Steve Osborne is a Chiropractor, the Principal of HealthGuard Wellness, 4 Margaret St, East Toowoomba and a member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia.