Making Change: Let’s Get Real – Being YOU

Let’s Get Real – Being YOU

It’s amazing to ponder how we came into existence, how intricate our bodies are and how much of our day-to-day functioning is beyond our need to think or plan. But in the process of this, we often tend to think too much on less important things, extend ourselves too much, give more than we have physically or emotionally to give, or just spend too much of our day comparing our lives to that of others. What’s wrong with that? It takes away from who ‘you’ are.

Each of us has something of value to bring to others around us, but sometimes knowing what that is can be hard. This feeling of a lack of purpose often leads people down a long and difficult road of depression, anxiety, comfort eating or just a lack of awareness (or care) of what and when they are eating.

And let’s be honest – we’ve all been there. Me included. Here are some things that have helped me -and can help you- to get back on track:

1. Find some quiet time and treat yourself

I know it sounds like a contradiction to finding purpose when you want to get out there and do something; but the ability to carefully consider your thoughts and seek what you enjoy doing in life comes much easier when you can sit and reflect. It’s always hard when you have small children, but find that time to be by yourself. Maybe it’s just 5-10mins, but make it count. Close your eyes and focus on your thoughts, especially those that make you happy. Play some music you like, watch the flame flickering on a candle or even take a bath. Treat yourself with things that aren’t food.

2. Get enough sleep (experts say 7-8 hours each night)

Sleep is powerful. Experts have shown that during sleep, our bodies heal and cells are replenished. We feel rejuvenated when we wake up and there are also links to improving mood and depression through adequate sleep. It’s tempting to want to stay up late and watch that TV show you never get time, but when it comes to night time, I believe sleep needs to come first. I try to be in bed between 9.30pm and 10pm each night and wake around 6.30am. I can tell the difference this makes in my body and my emotions and thoughts.

3. STOP comparing yourself to others

It’s so easy in this age of instant access to view other people’s lives like a photo album where all the good is shown – but little of the difficult or bad is ever shown. I’ll admit to having enjoyed a pity-party or two (ok, many more than that), but in the end, all it ends up doing is dragging you down into a pit where nothing in life seems significant. You know what’s wrong with that? I’ve never met a single person whose life is insignificant. Even those who struggle for the basic necessities of life do not lead an insignificant life in my view and neither should you! I know it’s hard if you’re feeling down, but as soon as you feel up to it, get out a notepad and write down everything you are grateful for in life. Even the little things.

Purpose in life does not need to be a high-powered position as CEO of some mega corporation. Purpose in life does not need to be found in the front-line of charity organisation work. If this is where you are called, that’s great, but purpose is found in everything. Wherever you have been placed, take comfort knowing that you are there for a reason. Your life is amazing, it is precious and you have so much value you can bring, just by being ‘you’!


by Ange Lemin

With a Bachelor of Applied Health Science degree and a passion for health and nutrition, Ange is a  health coach and encourages people of all ages to live their best life and make the best nutritional choices. Since a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis 8 years ago, Ange has seen herself propelled along a path of cleaner, healthier eating and now runs her blog PurePlatters to inspire others.