Found People Find People

by Ken Wootton

We live in one of the most exciting times in history. So many amazing things happening: the availability of travel, solutions to problems that have not been solved before, and opportunities abound. There may be parts of our culture that we may not like, but that does not mean that we stop loving people.

Does saying this mean we have to agree with everything they do? No. There is an old saying however, that goes “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” #outofthebox (check out our entire Life in a Box series right here)

What an exciting time to live where the church, that is, you and I, are uniquely positioned to demonstrate an amazing relevant lifestyle to the communities we live so many key issues: like marriage, money, sexuality, death, grief, divorce and life #thebigissues (New series starting late June).

Today, when so many churches are pushing people away that they don’t agree with, there is an opportunity for Christians to actually be intentionally friendly, relevant and relying on a big God.

Because #foundpeoplefindpeople

To actually love them. Kinda like Jesus told us to.