Youth – Christianese – “The Blood of Jesus”

Hey guys, How’s your week been?! It’s Chester here , Youth leader in the best youth in da world – CY. I’m loving this Christianese series we are doing in youth (it’s not because I’m Asian or anything 😉) It’s awesome how we can learn more of the words from the bible and break it down to our understanding, To break it down to our language that we can understand!

In this blog, I’ll be talking about a topic that you may have heard about, but not know or been explained yet – THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

When someone says the blood of Jesus , what do you think of ? This is a really interesting topic to talk about because there’s a lot of meaning behind it! The blood of Jesus is explained a LOT in the bible. And I believe the only way I can explain to you guys the true meaning behind this topic , is through HIS WORD.

In the bible, it is explained that God sent his only son Jesus , to die for every single person. His blood was shed so that we may live away from our sins. And there is more meaning to his blood, Jesus’ blood gives us a LOT.

One of them is … Jesus’ blood gives us access in communication with our God

The power of his blood gives us access to talk , to pray to our God. As it is said in Ephesians 2:13, “But now you have been united with Christ Jesus.” Once you were far away from God, but now you have been brought near to him through the blood of Christ.” We were once far away from God… imagine that! Without Jesus’ blood , we would’ve not been able to pray to our God! His blood brings us closer to God , so that we can communicate with him, pour our heart to him and pray to him anytime , anywhere.

Forgiveness of our Sin

His blood gives us the forgiveness for our sins. Jesus is the way the truth and the life , literally. He is our way for the forgiveness of our sins , the truth and our life to overcome sin and death. The blood that he has shed for the world is our key to God’s kingdom. Without the power of his blood, we won’t have access to our God.

‘The blood of Jesus‘ is a very powerful term. The blood gives us protection , forgiveness , access to our God. We should be very grateful for the power of the blood of Jesus – we can be forgiven and stay far away from sin. We can talk to God in any circumstances , because the blood has made us closer to God himself.

Next time you hear the term ‘blood of Jesus’ remind yourself with all of this. The blood of Jesus is truly powerful. Take some time today and pray and give thanks to our Lord and Savior, for shedding his precious blood for us.