Gainz: Daniel Neville

by Daniel Neville

But Why, God?

I’d say that if you’re a believer and you’ve never asked this question, you’re a liar. C’mon, we’ve all been in a situation at some stage in our lives where something bad has happened or we’re waiting for God to come through with something we’re praying for and we start to go…


No? Just me? Okay.

Seriously though. I know that this is something that I have been struggling with a lot lately. I’ve asked that question. God, why? Why is nothing going my way? You told me that with you, life was going to be great, so um, what’s going on? But I was thinking about it all wrong.

God does promise that life with him is great, but he never promises that it will be easy. Think about the people we hear most about in the Bible:

Noah built a massive boat and then put two of every type of animal on it when everyone thought he was a fool. I wouldn’t imagine that would’ve been a cake walk.

Daniel was thrown into a pit with FREAKING LIONS.
This one is definitely worth a read because it just shows how when you have faith in God bringing you through an impossible situation, he will! So have a look here.

Moses led millions of people through the wilderness for decades after being pursued by an army that wanted to kill them all.

Paul was put in prison, stoned to the brink of death, AND THEN HE GOT UP AND KEPT PREACHING.

And then you know, there was Jesus who just kinda died on a cross and suffered for the sins of literally every person ever. No biggie.

All of these people had a pretty tough go of it. But the most important part of all these stories is that they came through these hard situations, because they knew that God was on their side, He was their strength and their stories are still being told thousands of years later.

So the next time you’re in a situation that seems impossible and you’re asking that question, “but why, God?” Put a minute aside to pray to Him and thank him for the great life he HAS for you.

God does promise a great life for you, maybe it’s just waiting on the other side of this mountain you’re facing, and with him on your side, walking with you, to quote the great Marvin Gaye,