Who’s in your car?

by Benjamin Yong

I want to talk about one of the most important events in my life. No, not the day I was born; and no, not the day I had my first kiss (I’ll save that for another blog post). No. I want to talk about the day I got my license.

This day has literally changed my life. This day made me a man. I no longer had to strategically convince my parents to take me to the movies. I no longer had to rely on others for lifts. I could do all the midnight McDonald’s runs I wanted. I belonged to my car, and my car belonged to me. We were one.

But seriously! I have learned so much from having my license, not just about driving, but about life. Here are a couple of points.


Who’s in your car?

The people in your car determine your direction and the destination. If all your passengers want to do a coast trip, nine times out of ten, you’re going be driving to that destination too. It’s exactly the same in life: if you surround yourself with people who want to succeed and grow, you’re going to be heading in that same direction as well. Who you surround yourself with determines your direction and destination.


Who’s riding shotgun?

Apart from the driver’s seat, shotgun (front passenger seat) is the most influential seat in the car. It is the role of shotgun to provide killer beats, navigate, and ultimately, help the driver in any way possible. In life, who’s riding shotgun? Who has the most influential seat in your life? Is it the friend that parties all the time who “forces” you to the same party? Or is it the friend that protects you and wants you to succeed in life? Does Jesus have the most important seat in your life, or do you have anxiety and depression telling you what to do and where to go?


Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed, and most importantly make sure Jesus is riding shotgun.