Gainz: Rebekah Tesch

by Rebekah Tesch

How many times have you let your actions be dictated by your emotions?

That friend who annoys you, so you lash out in anger?
that time you wanted to invite a friend to youth but were too scared so you stayed silent?

Compare that to how many times you have let your actions be dictated by your spirit.
A friend said they were struggling so you told them you would be praying for them (even though you were scared to say it).
You see someone sitting by themselves at lunch so you leave your friends to go sit with them (even though you really wanted to hang out with your friends).
Which one stacks up higher?

Are you allowing your spirit to grow and strengthen or are your actions fuelled by your emotions?

You see, whatever one you listen to most is the one that is stronger, and will determine your actions. The more you listen to your emotions the stronger they become, the more acutely you can hear them. The flip side of this is that the exact same can happen with your spirit.
Philippians 4:13 says that ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ This includes strengthening your spirit so that it is stronger than your emotions. The more you follow your spirit despite what your emotions might be saying, the stronger your spirit becomes. If you focus on your spirit it becomes the louder ‘voice’ in your head and will drown out the power your emotions will have on you.

How do you do this though??
It all boils down to spending time with God, like the bible verse says, it is in Him that our strength comes. He wants us to be able to overcome our fears, our insecurities, our anger, our emotions and follow our spirit.

This week spend time in the bible, talk with the Holy Spirit and listen to what he says about you, and when you hear what He has to say, you will begin to strengthen your Spirit. You will be able to pray for your friends and step out in faith because despite what your emotions are saying your spirit will be screaming louder! 🙂