Gainz: Tyla Howard

by Tyla Howard

LET’S BE REAL! When you think of the word ‘gainz’, I’m probably the LAST person on the planet you would probably think of. I know it might come as a shock to some people, but my bad boy biceps are non-existent, and I’m most likely one of the weakest people I know. In high school, I was the one who was silently judged for being unable to complete 1-man push-up. Give me a HOLLA if you can relate!
But even though not all of us can physically identify with this ‘gainz’ series, this series is so relevant to the young people in the world today.
It is true that the spiritual realm is more real than the natural realm. And because this is true, it’s been made clear to me that my spiritual gainz are WAY more important than my physical gainz.
Having spiritual gainz means that when the heavy lifting seasons of life come, we are able to lift them.
Here’s a fun acronym I created for the word GAINZ, that shows how important spiritual gainz are, and how to get more of them:


Growing, changing and transforming are important. If we aren’t changing, then we aren’t going anywhere. We have to make adjustments on the inside, so that we can prepare for the spiritual gainz to come. Simple things like speaking positively, having self-control over gossiping, and remaining thankful are ways that can prepare us for growth and gainz. Growing and having gainz in our spiritual life looks like someone who is actively talking to Jesus, and becoming more like him every day.


Having anticipation means being ready, expectant, and wide-eyed with hope. If we aren’t anticipating or expecting anything, our lives –and gainz– will stop still. How expectant we are, and how much attention we give, determines how much we get out of something. If we are wide-eyed with anticipation, and giving our full attention to Jesus, we will not miss out on the spiritual gainz He has for us. Having anticipation for spiritual gainz will open doors that no man can shut. Those who are expectant and believe in Jesus will experience the spiritual gainz He has for them.


Your sphere of influence increases as your spiritual gainz increase. The scary reality is that we are all either influencing people towards spiritual gainz, or influencing them away. When we get our spiritual gainz from spending time with Jesus, we can then help and lead others in getting their spiritual gainz.


Although physical gainz are easier for some people to achieve than others, spiritual gainz are for everyone – no exceptions. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who say “a spiritual life isn’t for me”. But when we get spiritual gainz from spending time with Jesus, we receive joy, hope, acceptance and love. And I am yet to find someone who is not in need of all of those things. Everyone has been designed to get spiritual gainz, and all of the amazing adventures that come along with them.


Did you really think I could think of a word that started with Z? HAHA! Sorry, I couldn’t…
But here’s the truth: when we get spiritual gainz we are prepared, ready, and strong enough to brave and push through the heavy lifting when the time comes.
The journey of spending time with Jesus, and growing stronger in our faith is so worth it.