How To Defeat a Lion

by Tyla Howard

There was Benaiah, who was a fearless warrior. He did many heroic deeds, which included killing two champions of Moad. Another time, he chased a lion into a pit, and killed it on a snowy day.” 1 Chronicles 11:22

HE DID WHAT?! Benaiah chased a lion, into a pit, and killed it, on a snowy day!
For me, this was a verse I had to read 10 times over because it sure fit the category of “unbelievable.”

What I learnt from this verse was that the Bible gives us the exact amount of information that we need.

Benaiah chased a lion that was stalking him. I wonder, if we were being honest, how many of us have challenging situations that are stalking us, like the lion? Depression, health issues, family problems, addictions… just to name a few, prowling after way too many of us in our day-to-day lives.

Benaiah chased the lion into a pit. A pit is probably THE WORST place to kill a lion; trapped with no escape. I wonder, how often we face our challenging times, feeling like we are trapped, as though we cannot excape them? Benaiah empathises with us GREATLY.

Then, Benaiah killed the lion on a snowy day… a snowy day would be THE WORST climate to fight a lion in. Everybody knows that your skin is more sensitive to pain, and the sun reflects off the sun and can potentially blind you for a few seconds. How often we face our challening times, feeling like we are trapped, with the worst set of circumstances ever?

I think that many can relate, as we have all been a victim to some form of hypothetical lion before.

Let’s learn how to kill one!

To fight – and kill – a lion, we must stand on this simple truth: God knows. He knows our strengths, and He knows our weaknesses. A verse that comes to mind is 1 Corinthians 10:13 “God will not allow the challenge to be more than you can handle through Him”. There are people who are fighting lions who need to be reminded that you can handle this fight through God. You were pre-programmed to be victorious. When we have God, the odds will FOREVER be in our favour, we can fight our lions – challenging times – with confidence.

For us, to overcome the lion we are facing, it is important to have some loyal friends around us – friends who will intercede when we are not in a position to fight. When we feel weak, as though we can’t fight on, a friend who fights for us is a friend worth keeping.

Thanking God for the victory, before it has even happened, will also bring us through the fight. Claiming the win of the fight in our eating disorder, sexual identity, loneliness, or insecurity even while we’re stilling battling them, will fill our spirit’s with hope and strength to press on.

You might be being stalked by a challenging time as you read this, or you might be in chase, where you’ve identified the challenging time, and you don’t want to be a victim of it anymore. You might even be in the pit, battling your “lion.” This is a message of hope for you: keep fighting. Claim the win before it’s happened, and know that God is faithful.