Highlights: Mitchell

Matthew 28:19 says, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations.”

This is a verse I stumbled upon whilst reading a Bible plan one morning. I had read the verse before but this time it really hit me. I realised I needed to live this out and bring people towards Jesus, especially from my school. I needed to show people his amazing love that I had experienced.

After reading this, I prayed to Jesus. I made a commitment to tell others that Jesus is a father who loves them and cares for them no matter what. That night, I received a message from a friend from school who had asked me about church before. He had been talking to others too and had decided to go to church that night. After church, he messaged me saying that his whole outlook on life had been changed.

Before I even spoke to anyone, Jesus started working in the lives around me. This is when I realised that I could make a real difference.
I also noticed that God had been preparing me before I even made the decision to help people towards Jesus. From randomly talking to people at school about CY to praying for a stranger at the beach, he had been prepping me so I would find ease in inviting people to church and openly talking of my faith.

From then on, amazing things started happening. In one week alone, I joined a small group and helped to start one for people at my school. I found myself learning more and more about Jesus and I had more of an urge to read my Bible and worship him through song. Even the people around me and within church were encouraging me more than before!

I soon realised that all these amazing opportunities had been handed to me just because I made a true commitment to God. Now, I don’t just have a hunger for Jesus, instead I have a craving to see him work within the lives of those around me.

It takes just one step to help others towards Jesus and that’s asking for Jesus to help you. Jesus is already preparing you, now take the leap and lead others to where they need to be! Start a conversation with a friend who doesn’t know Jesus and see where Jesus takes it!