Highlights: Stephan

Hey everyone I am Stephan and I come from South Africa! my English is some of the best standards you’ll find, DM for personal lessons ?

Proverbs 2:1-2 say this:
“My child, listen to what I say, and treasure my commands. Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding. “

This really stood out to me because it tells me to always listen and obey what God is trying to teach me! Later, this verse mentions that if you seek God’s knowledge and wisdom more than you would for Gold and Silver, you will avoid falling into traps and wandering off the path away from God.

I always find myself coming across hard times but they always tend to come back, but lately as I have been searching and seeking for this wisdom and understanding it has benefited me. Giving me the knowledge and understanding of Christ over every situation I faced where I then could apply this wisdom which will be the light to the dark situation.

Wisdom and knowledge is something I always have been looking for because I always find myself to stumble and fall. Walking with God and seeking his knowledge needs to be a daily thing. It’s just like getting to know a friend! and what I have found is that by making it a daily thing, you will make yourself less vulnerable to the devil as well as make your pathway to God a lot less bumpy.  Our journey with God won’t ever be perfect; but it surely will become a lot steadier as His knowledge, understanding, and wisdom guides you. it will prevent you from stumbling off the path God has laid out for you and stay focused on what God is trying to teach us or grow us in our daily lives!

Proverbs has some of the greatest examples of Godly wisdom in the bible; read through Proverbs 2 and highlight your favourite passage and comment what God said to you through it in your bible app.