Gainz: Doug Cameron

by Doug Cameron

So many people are hitting the gym every day to build strength, get fit and live a healthy life. They’re trying to get some physical GAINZ.

People train so they can run further, lift heavier and live better, but often neglect their internal, spiritual gainz.

We all understand sometimes life is hard. We get hit by circumstances, words, emotions, loss, so many things that feel like a huge weight. We drag ourselves through these seasons, perhaps just, perhaps over a long time. But God doesn’t want us to barely ‘survive’, He wants us to THRIVE in life.

Strength isn’t just for hard times though, it can make good times better! I can go shopping more now because I can carry more bag than I use to! I can play sports more because of my gainz. But people with a lack of gainz often miss the full opportunity that good times present.
The same is spiritually. God can bless us and give us great opportunities, and if we’re spiritually ready, we get the most out of that blessing. We see the miracles, feel His presence and start to see circumstances change for the good. But if we don’t have the internal gainz, we might still benefit, but not to the extent God was wanting to bless us.

One thing people do that hinder their spiritual gainz is to hang around in the ‘beginner/baby weight section’.

When you first start training, this is where all the action happens. But after time, doing the same thing day after day doesn’t help you grow or get better, it just keeps giving you beginner results. To keep improving, you need to include other things.
With God, attending youth at the start was awesome! Praying when the person with the mic told you was powerful and singing those songs seemed to do something great inside. But over time, the same things don’t feel like they get the same results. Because we’re designed to grow, not stop at the start.

So what can you do to continue growing your internal strength? To get real spiritual gainz to prepare you for the good time and the hard times that could come?

We want to help you with things for you to pray for, stories and lessons in the bible to read and how you can continue to get real gainz internally and spiritual.

God doesn’t want you to just have a good night, week or season, but to have a good life. So follow along with our updates and posts so we can grow together!