Christianese – “The Grace of God”

The Grace of God
by Lailah Kropman

The “Grace of God” is a term we use, but may not understand it fully when we do use it. I never understood it entirely, but after 19 years of life, have finally grasped what it means, and how mind-blowing it really is.

God’s grace has to begin with realizing that God knows every part of us, and realizing that sometimes we do things that can hurt him – we are human after all. I have moments where sometimes I will speak, act or think a certain way that I know God wouldn’t really approve of. We all can get so easily caught in this, however, as children of God we know that we are forgiven.

I’ve found that people generally speak about God’s grace synonymously with His forgiveness. God’s grace actually steps in after forgiveness. Let me paint the picture for you with some scripture. – in John 8, Jesus went up to a place where some people were gathered, to teach them. Some of the Pharisee’s brought in a women who was caught in adultery, they were going to stone her to death for this. But Jesus bent down in the dirt and began to write with his finger, and he said “let any one of you without sin cast the first stone at her.” After this, they began to leave one by one, realizing that they were just as sinful. Jesus then said to the woman “Did no one condemn you?” and she replied “No one, Sir.”

“Then neither do I condemn you”, Jesus declared, “Go now and sin no more.”

“Go now and sin no more” – this is the Grace of God.

Jesus didn’t just forgive the woman, but he allowed her to go and sin no more. With the grace of God, we aren’t just forgiven, but we are sent back out to live a life free of being wrapped up in sin. Jesus could have just forgiven the woman and left her there. But instead, He gave her the grace to keep going. Every day, at every moment, even after we mess up – God gives us His grace to keep going. We aren’t just forgiven and left to our own devices. God’s grace really is a mind-blowing thing. It is the thing that keeps us moving, that pushes us to continue in life, that corrects us as we go.

Just know, when you and I stuff up – it doesn’t just stop at forgiveness, it’s all about moving forward, by the grace of God. So take heart in knowing His grace is what sustains you, and is what has been keeping you going even after you do the wrong things.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” – His power, to keep you going, is made perfect in your weakness. That is the grace of God.

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