Back to the Checkpoint: William Smith

Oh hey there…My name’s Will 🙂 When I’m not playing bass in the CY worship band or with my small group, i’m on my meme page “First trillion digits of pi: one a day” with 12,000 followers…pretty awesome, but not as much as Jesus!

Have you ever picked up a video game that you haven’t played in ages and decide to play it? You usually find things back in levels that you didn’t know were there before that could’ve really helped beating that level. Things that were once obvious but you stopped looking in the right direction or became too busy. Life can be like that too. The thing you keep missing because of the distractions aren’t just a speed boost… it’s God.

In my life I’m constantly rushing around and looking in the wrong direction. Going back to my checkpoint helps me make progress and hit the next level. Where I started, or where the big plot twist happened can bring emotions back from when I first played that game. But do you ever go back to your checkpoint with God? Do you ever think about experiencing God’s presence for the first time or seeing someone healed right in front of you right after praying?

For me going back to my checkpoint is praying with God. As most of you know I play bass for the CY band. The other night I was playing but not so happy with how well I was doing. So the other night while playing I thought to myself I have seen God answer my prayers. I decided to pray to God to help me play well. After I finished praying the song started to build up, as I played I just felt God there guiding me and I just knew that going back to my checkpoint is something I’ll never forget or regret.

He is there waiting for me to just stop and go back to him.

We all have checkpoints. Yours might be that time you prayed and saw a miracle or the time you heard God speak to you. You can always go back to that checkpoint and remember what happened. No matter what is going on God will always be back at that checkpoint waiting for you to restart and find him there. In Revelations 1:8 it says “I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, says the Lord, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

You can always return to your checkpoint. God will always be there.