Back to the Checkpoint: Rachel Tann

Hey I’m Rachel 🙂

I lead an amazing group of Grade 8 girls who are going to change the world! And I love worshipping God with them every Friday night.

John 10:27 “My sheep hear my voice and I know them.”

I love this verse because it shows us how Jesus knows each and every one of us intimately and personally. We may hear Him at times maybe sometimes without knowing Him, but Jesus always knows you. He knows what affects and touches you so He gives us individual revelations and visions knowingly, moments that are incredibly meaningful that will ground you forever.

So let’s go back to that time where Jesus showed up and touched your life, or when He provided your needs exactly, or that time He revealed His infinite love for you. I often go back to one of my main checkpoints that reminds me of Jesus’ boundless love and His longing to spoil His worthy children. Where one night at youth camp, Jesus showed up in a vision and started dancing with me and gave me flowers where i felt Jesus say that He wants to spoil me, not just me but all of His children. Then Jesus lead me to a lake where He stood in the deep water with His arms out wide ready to embrace me. Jesus told me to keep my faith in the deep water never in the shallow, as He is in the deep. It may be scary to have faith that deep but it is never scary if you are embraced in Jesus’ arms.

This is my checkpoint. I go back to this moment many times, if I am feeling hopeless, weak, lost or doubting God at any stage, and to be honest we all have these moments of not being where we want to be with God. I go back to this vision where Jesus came to me so real and showed me His boundless love. I picture Him standing in that lake ready to catch and embrace me, just as He is for you. So how about we go back to our most intimate moments with God and ground yourself in that revelation Jesus gave for you. Whether you are drifting from God, doubting Him or unsure about His power, go back to your checkpoint. Jesus wants us to remember His revelations and not experience them as a onetime memory.

Jesus obviously gave you a checkpoint moment with a purpose because He knows YOU, He knows what you are going through. So let’s not take these moments for granted and let’s start living out our revelations as we go back to our own personal checkpoints that remind us to never doubt Him, and remember how His power is beyond our imagination. Go back to your checkpoint where Jesus came to you and ground your journey in life on your checkpoints.