Back to the Checkpoint: Gracie Neville

Hiya! I’m Gracie!

I’ve been a part of CY for a while now and I’m also a part of an awesome grade 11 small group!

Last year when I first preached in chapel at school: my most defining moment with God. Although I was talking to 300 other people, it was one of the most personal experiences I have had with God to date; He worked within me through every word I said.

Though we have these incredible experiences with God, they don’t stop us from drifting away. I know that like most of you, depending on the people I’m surrounded by, sometimes my little Christian badge isn’t always proudly pinned to my chest. It’s in these moments that it is most important to reflect on these defining points in our relationship with God. They create something almost like a checkpoint to refer back to. Without these moments I would find my relationship with God so difficult, but He creates these points in time for us where we have our first vision, the first time we hear His voice, we speak in tongues for the first time, or like me, He spoke His word straight through me. I see these moments as nothing but deliberate, so that when we do drift He is able to bring us back to our checkpoints, whatever they may be, to remind us of His power, His grace and most importantly His love for us.

I want you to remember the time you invited Jesus into your life; how alive you felt, how fast your heartbeat was and how exciting it was. That’s how Jesus wants us to feel every moment of our lives with Him. ALIVE! EXCITED! NERVOUS (the good kind)! And here’s a huge revelation for you all; God actually wants good for you. He wants growth in our relationships, in our lives and all things important to us.
When we experience a low spot, it is important not to blame God for it. Over the past year I have experienced my fair share of hardships and to me it was vital that I kept these checkpoints or moments in mind, reminding me that God loves me; that He wasn’t the one that wished these struggles upon me. He was the one that kept me on my feet.

It’s about to get a tad personal but I just feel that that this was a massive revelation in my life. Earlier on in this year my dad passed away. It was really tough for me because our relationship didn’t end on the best of terms and that is something that I have struggled with almost everyday. The day that we found out was a Sunday and I was at Church. I had spent the morning praising, worshiping and listening to the word of God. I then received a phone call about what had happened. I remember sitting in my room being so angry. So angry that God had let it happen. So angry that He took him away from me before our relationship could have improved. So angry that I wouldn’t have a Dad to see me graduate, finish university or walk me down the aisle. I was furious, but one day I remember so clearly God saying to me that what had happened, it wasn’t it His fault and that no matter what, He would look after my dad for me, and most importantly although I no longer had an earthly father, I would have a Heavenly father to be by my side through all of my future experiences.

During that time, I’d drifted from God, but He was able to remind me of all these amazing moments that He had given me. Theses defining points were what really reminded me of how much God loves me and they are able to rejuvenate my love for Jesus no matter what. So as heavy as this post has gotten just remember that through your trials God is always there, it’s just the matter of not pushing Him away because He can and will remind you of how much He loves you. Let Him give you so many more amazing moments. Like it says in Deuteronomy 31:6 – “So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the LORD your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.”

So through this week and until the end of time make more moments with God, and when you’re struggling remember that point that He was so alive in you. Remember that He flipping loves you!