Back to the Checkpoint: Courtney Paulo

 Hey there, it’s Courtney! I have been apart of CY since year 7. And currently in grade 9. I like sleep, food, listening to music… But more to the important part of this. God.

I’m going to share with you a time that stands out in my walk of faith; that when trusting God, and leaning on him for his assurance was the most assuring thing to do. I grew up in a Christian home so I guess, God has always played a significant part of my life. Being a teenager, friends are important and are a significant part in my life. This year in September I attended #myyouthcamp, along with many other youth groups from across Queensland. The praise and prayer was incredible. I had a point where I felt I had to come back to my checkpoint. At camp, I spoke with God about a close friend that had drifted apart from our friendship, and I felt like I had been shut out from her.

Leading up to camp I felt that I couldn’t take it on my own to fix it, and when I had tried previously, it seemed to not mend very well. At camp, I spoke to God about fixing it, and had it in my heart to pray over the situation with her. It wasn’t a fancy prayer, it was just, “I don’t want to try every time and continue being hurt”. So, I asked him to make it a clean cut or show that it can be put back. When returning from camp, I still felt condemned slightly.

Going back to school I wasn’t sure what to expect I was still nervous about it. After a few days, she came up to me and my friend and wanted to talk at lunch. She spoke to us, and talked It through, and she asked how we were about the situation and she hoped that the friendship we had before could come back. I was just so happy that it was fixed, and still got to remain friends with her, and watching that god mended back in a good way.

Then a few days later, out of the blue I received a message from a friend with a scripture they believed they should share with me, the scripture is Romans 8:18,“The pain you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that is coming”. It made me re-think all of what happened with my friend and I remembered the 6 months I felt off without our friendship, and the feeling after what had happened and the joy that I received after.

I would like to encourage you to not be afraid of talking to God, going back to the most important checkpoint. Sometimes things don’t happen or seem to change, but God knows his plans for you. So, don’t be afraid to lean on God’s plan for your life and trust him, because well, he has got you.