Gainz: Madeline Smith

by Madeline Smith

Have you ever thought about how many questions a 2-year-old has? I’ll give you a hint… A LOT!! There is no denying you’ve probably learnt most of what you know through asking and listening.

Have you ever thought about how many words you have read in your lifetime? We read something like 1.2 trillion words in a lifetime! So what is it that makes something stick?

I believe it’s that interaction; the impact of the moment. Maybe that problem you just couldn’t get, a fact that blew your mind or that hilarious video you saw on Facebook. It’s the role of these things and even people (like your best friend) in your life that make it stick.

This begs the question, “who and what are you listening to?” We hear so many different opinions everyday it’s VITAL to know WHO you are listening to. I’m pretty sure I’m right when I say you won’t be asking your math teacher for advice on the sports field!


If you want to be the best at something or know the real facts, you’re going to go to a great source – maybe even the original source if you can!
This is exactly the case with our Spiritual GAINZ and our internal goals. If you’ve got something to gain you go to the one who knows you best.
God knows you completely – all your choices, all the battles you’ve faced, your biggest goals and biggest secrets…EVERYTHING! And he still chose to give it all for YOU.

Next time you find yourself trying to make some GAINZ but don’t know where to go or look, remember THIS about God. He is the one who knows your questions, dreams and problems before you even have them. The bible says he is the way, the truth and the life. Read it here

I challenge you this week on these 3 questions:
Who do you want to be?
Who are you listening to?
Who should you start to rely on more?

Maybe it’s time to ask some questions again. There is so much freedom from things like stress, depression and anxiety when we find our hope in Jesus Christ.